Vinyl Record Storage


[avatar user="tonyw" /]My son collects vinyl records (yes, that's a thing).  He asked me if we could make storage for them, I jumped at the chance.  He decided to go with cabinet grade red oak plywood, edged with black walnut.

First step, trim the plywood with the walnut.


He collects EPs (10") as well as 12" LPs.  So we decided to include a couple of smaller shelves to hold the EPs.  Routed groves for the sides and dividers then squared them up with a chisel.

RR-040 RR-050 RR-070 RR-075 RR-080 RR-090

The sides, top and bottom used about every clamp I own.

RR-220 RR-230

It was too large to assemble in the wood shop.


And, installed in it's new home.

RR-310 RR-320 RR-330

Drew also wanted a small, wall mounted, stand to display the "now playing" album.  We had some stock left over, so why not?



2 thoughts on “Vinyl Record Storage

  1. Tony Costa

    Two thumbs up. One for you, tone, for making the cabinet and one for your son, for keeping vinyl alive. tc

  2. Manus

    Tony, looks fabulous! After thoughtful consideration of the posted materials, I can give you the following grade: 33 1/3! Great idea for the display shelf for currently playing disk. Nice job; Drew is lucky dude.


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