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[avatar user="tonyw" /]  In the U.S, veterans caskets are draped with an American flag. Part of the ceremony involves members of the armed forces folding the flag and presenting it to the deceased's family. It's quite moving.

It's later boxed in a pretty sad (press board and staples) box. I decided that we needed something more appropriate.

I couldn't find much online (the one exception being Rough Cut). So I added as much design detail to the video as I could.

Finished with boiled linseed oil and wiping varnish. I lined the inside of the back with dark blue velvet.

The box is figured maple with walnut splines and a mahogany face frame. Now that it's done, I think that's too many species. If I were to do it again I'd use the maple for the face frame as well.

Youtube video below the pictures.

4 thoughts on “Flag Box

  1. Manus

    Tony, a great job! I enjoyed the music throughout - then, was nice to learn that big band's was among your Dad's favorites. The time that you invested in your jigs shows in the finished project, but then, jigs are reusable. For example, I'm sure that this was not your first use of your panel cutter 🙂



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