End Grain Cutting Board


[avatar user="tonyw" /] When a friend of mine told me he was getting married, I decided to make this cutting board as a wedding gift. He was always interested in the process of woodworking, so I thought I'd film it for him as well.  Throughout the project I was listening to Paul Simon's Live In New York City, so it seemed right to use it as a soundtrack (an outstanding album, by the way).  Youtube was being a bit squirrelly about the commercial music, for a while they were blocking this video on mobil devices.  If that's still the case, I apologize.  It will still play on your desktop or laptop machine.

I've mentioned The Wood Whisperer before, this piece is based on his How to Make a Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Board.  The Wood Whisperer has a ton of free educational and project videos - he's a real motivating factor to my wood working.

I used white oak and purple heart, purchased from Bell Forest Products.  It's finished with salad bowl varnish, which is FDA approved for contact with food.

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