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  1. Laura T Cronin

    My brother Christopher Firth gave me your website and information and i am looking to see if you would be able to make a flag box for my husband's flag I received after his internment at Bourne National cemetery last week. The dimensions are 22 1/4' across the bottom, 16" from base to the peak on each side, and 3 3/4" wide. I would like oak or mahogany stained dark stain. Is this something you can make? and how much is the cost? Thank you,
    Laura Cronin.

    1. tonyw

      Hi Laura,
      I spoke to Chris about your husband, he seemed like quite a guy. Please accept my sympathies.
      I'd love to make you a box. My only caveat is that I can't promise a date, it could take months.

      I can do oak or mahogany. Do you want a contrasting wood from the frame around the glass? Or, I can use the same wood.
      My real address is, which I check more frequently than the site.


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