A simple mitered box to organize all the junk equipment I use to keep my blades sharp.  The design is from an article by Bob Van Dyke in the May 2016 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine.  The lid provides a work surface.  It holds the stones and my leather strop.  I've mounted projection stops pre-measured to quickly setup my honing guide for the angles I typically use.  The liner and dividers are not glued in, so I can reconfigure it if my needs change.

Sometimes it's nice to build something useful, quick and easy.


[avatar user="tonyw" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="file" /] I picked up a used lathe a couple of years ago.  It sat unused in my garage until recently.  I started making wands - just to learn how to use the tool.  I would make a wand and toss it out.  My oldest kid, Joe, (who is in his twenties) explained that wands are pretty important to the Harry Potter generation.  I took some time and make three Christmas gifts, one for each of my boys and one for Joe's girlfriend. Sara's is made of bloodwood, Joe's and Drew's is made from apple.


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[avatar user="tonyw" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="file" /] Several friends, sadly, found themselves in need of flag boxes.  I was honored to be able to make some.

These aren't my first flag boxes.  I wrote about it (with a build details and a build video) in September, 2015.



[avatar user="tonyw" /]  In the U.S, veterans caskets are draped with an American flag. Part of the ceremony involves members of the armed forces folding the flag and presenting it to the deceased's family. It's quite moving.

It's later boxed in a pretty sad (press board and staples) box. I decided that we needed something more appropriate.

I couldn't find much online (the one exception being Rough Cut). So I added as much design detail to the video as I could.

Finished with boiled linseed oil and wiping varnish. I lined the inside of the back with dark blue velvet.

The box is figured maple with walnut splines and a mahogany face frame. Now that it's done, I think that's too many species. If I were to do it again I'd use the maple for the face frame as well.

Youtube video below the pictures.



[avatar user="tonyw" /] Another project from The Wood Whisperer Guild.  I really enjoyed building this.  The exterior is Bubinga veneer.  Bubinga is a hardwood from west Africa.  The project  included several technics that were new to me, veneering, corner inlays and hinge installation.  It certainly isn't perfect, but it will do!

Click any picture to start a slide show.



[avatar user="tonyw" /]My son collects vinyl records (yes, that's a thing).  He asked me if we could make storage for them, I jumped at the chance.  He decided to go with cabinet grade red oak plywood, edged with black walnut.

First step, trim the plywood with the walnut.


He collects EPs (10") as well as 12" LPs.  So we decided to include a couple of smaller shelves to hold the EPs.  Routed groves for the sides and dividers then squared them up with a chisel.

RR-040 RR-050 RR-070 RR-075 RR-080 RR-090

The sides, top and bottom used about every clamp I own.

RR-220 RR-230

It was too large to assemble in the wood shop.


And, installed in it's new home.

RR-310 RR-320 RR-330

Drew also wanted a small, wall mounted, stand to display the "now playing" album.  We had some stock left over, so why not?





[avatar user="tonyw" /] When a friend of mine told me he was getting married, I decided to make this cutting board as a wedding gift. He was always interested in the process of woodworking, so I thought I'd film it for him as well.  Throughout the project I was listening to Paul Simon's Live In New York City, so it seemed right to use it as a soundtrack (an outstanding album, by the way).  Youtube was being a bit squirrelly about the commercial music, for a while they were blocking this video on mobil devices.  If that's still the case, I apologize.  It will still play on your desktop or laptop machine.

I've mentioned The Wood Whisperer before, this piece is based on his How to Make a Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Board.  The Wood Whisperer has a ton of free educational and project videos - he's a real motivating factor to my wood working.

I used white oak and purple heart, purchased from Bell Forest Products.  It's finished with salad bowl varnish, which is FDA approved for contact with food.



[avatar user="tonyw" /] This picture frame, from Fine Woodworking Magazine, nearly killed me.  Hyperbole aside, it should have taken me a month or two, instead it was a 15 month ordeal.   I managed to botch a critical piece twice.  Because the mortise and tenons are custom fit, I had to start from scratch each time. I managed to complete one but it wasn't close to square, into the kindling pile it went.  Pictures from all three attempts are kind of mixed up here - I'm trying to show the sequence of the process (which could be confusing with so many restarts). ...continue reading